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The website will be provided by the Swiss Paraplegic Association/Wheelchair Sports Switzerland. It is intended for all those interested in wheelchair sport and in particular will provide detailed information on all major wheelchair sports events that take place in Switzerland.


Swiss Paraplegic Association

The Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPA), founded in 1980, is the national umbrella organisation for spinal cord injury sufferers and has over 10'000 members. It promotes, represents and coordinates the concerns of paraplegics and tetraplegics throughout the whole of Switzerland as well as in the broader membership. It also supports the 27 regional wheelchair clubs throughout Switzerland. The approximately 55 full-time employees and 120 part-time employees of the SPA, along with approximately 1'700 volunteers advocate the corporate, social, political, and personal needs of the members and they promote the reintegration of members into society as well as improvements in the quality of member’s lives.

The SPA circulates the sports magazine «Go Ahead», the member’s periodical «Paracontact» and the guide book of wheelchair accessible hotels
Further information is available under:

Wheelchair Sports Switzerland

The function of the wheelchair sports section is to promote general sports, sports in the wheelchair clubs and competitive sports. Beyond all that it is about maintaining quality of life, building up self confidence, improving independence and preventing possible illnesses specific to spinal cord injured. Further information is available under: