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Overall ranking points calculation

The overall ranking is created by points according to the following calculation:

Overall Ranking Point Calculation


The two races (time trial and road race) in Langnau i.E. and Stockental will be counted as one race and are reported to the UCI as overall ranking (modus ranking points – when tied the rank in time trial decides).



Road race: Start time of individual categories


09.00 – 10.05    MH1, MT1, MT2, WT2
10.25 – 11.30 MH2, WH3, WH4
11.50 – 12.55 MH3
  --- LUNCH BREAK ---
13.30 – 14.35 MB, MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5, WC2
14.55 – 16.00 MH4, MH5


Between the races, the track is open for 15 minutes for the warm-up. After that please release the track immediately.