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Athletes are responsible for the booking of their hotel rooms. Transfers are provided only to the hotels mentioned below.



Please add the comment «SPV Rennserie 2012» to your reservation and mention if you are wheelchair user or pedestrian. Only one escort allowed per wheelchair user when booking hotel rooms.


GZI Seminar- und Kongresshotel

Guido A. Zäch Strasse 4

6207 Nottwil

Tel.: 0041 41 939 60 00

Fax: 0041 41 939 64 65


Room booking =>


Seminarhotel Sempachersee

Kantonsstrasse 46

6207 Nottwil

Tel.: 0041 41 939 23 23

Fax: 0041 41 939 23 24



Room booking: => per telephone or e-mail


Hotel Sursee (5 km)


More hotels with wheelchair accessible rooms

(distance to Nottwil)

Attention no transports organized!


Hotel Restaurant Feld Oberkirch (3 km)


Hotel Sonne Eich (10 km)




9.00 am – 12.00 am at the town hall in Schenkon. Accreditation only until 12.00 am possible!




Attention: The course is the same as until 2008, without additional part in Sursee as last year.


See plan:

Start Marathon in direction to Sursee, at "Mariazell" in direction to Schenkon and then around the lake.


Start Paracycling in the center of Schenkon in direction to Sempach.




Directions to the start




6214 Schenkon 


by car

from Zurich: take the autobahn (in the direction of Lucerne), at the intersection Rotsee change lanes in the direction of Basel/Bern/Emmen-Nord, at the exit Sursee go in the direction of Beromünster, at the second roundabound take the first exit (Zellfeld)


from Basel: take the autobahn (in the direction of Lucerne),take ), at the exit Sursee go in the direction of Beromünster, at the second roundabound take the first exit (Zellfeld)


by public transportation

by train until the train station of Sursee, then take the bus nr. 54 in about 8 minutes to the station Schenkon-Post.


situation map







Marathon men T53/T54

Marathon women T53/T54


Marathon men T51/T52

Marathon women T51/T52


lap around the lake men T51-T54 Open, 20.4 km

lap around the lake women T51-T54 Open, 20.4 km


Juniors U16 men 3.5 km

Juniors U16 women 3.5 km


Juniors U20 men 7 km

Juniors U20 women 7 km




1 lap (20.43 km): 

WH1, MT1, MT2, WT1, WT2, MHO, WHO


2 laps (40.86 km): 

MH1, WH2, WH3, WH4, WC1, WC2, WC3


3 laps (61.29 km):

MH2, MH3, MH4, MC1, MC2, MC3, WC4, WC5


4 laps (81.72 km)

MC4, MC5, WB, MB


Juniors U15 men 3.5 km

Juniors U15 women 3.5 km


Juniors U19 men 7 km

Juniors U19 women 7 km




Last arrival on the finishing line is at 5.30 pm latest. After this time, the entire track is going to be opened to general traffic again.




Competitors will have to provide for their own accident and liability insurances. The organisers exclude any liability and assume no responsibility for loss or theft of materials or personal belongings during the entire meeting.
There is a group accident insurance for members of the Swiss Paraplegics Association.




The wearing of an officially tested helmet is compulsory for all athletes.




Numbers are to be fixed visibly to the back of the racing chair or handbike.




Parking area

Parking are provide by Coop. See plan



Prize money



The prize money needs to be picked up personally on Sunday, 3 June 2012 between 16.45 pm and 18.00 pm at the «Gemeindezentrum» (town hall) in Schenkon.




Registration is closed. Late entries can't be accepted.




Resulst will be published at the "Gemeindezentrum" town hall in Schenkon immediately after the race. In addition they will be available on:


Official protest time is 30 minutes.



Road blocking


The track is going to be closed to general traffic.


Attention: A bus will travel hourly on the road from Sempach Station to Nottwil to Oberkirch with police escort. The police will ensure that this does not effect the race in any way.




Technical aspects of the meeting as well as classifications are subject to the rules of the IPC. The event is sanctioned by IPC and UCI.
For handbikers UCI rules and the EHC rule book is going to be applied.

It is forbidden to make use of the assistance of non–officials. Escort vehicles must not be used for driving in slipstream. Driving in slipstream in the handbike time trials is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.




Start time

Athletics 13.15 pm

Athletes have to be in the respective starting block at 12:55 pm latest.


Para-cycling 13.30 pm

Athletes have to be in the respective starting block at 13:10 pm latest.



Time keeping 

Electronic data capture by means of «DataChip». Chips are going to be distributed at accreditation. Personal chips are not allowed.




Free Shuttle-Bus Nottwil-Schenkon

(for athletes & escorts)



bus station SPC, Nottwil

start-/finish area




There will be a wardrobe and showers in Schenkon at the «Gemeindezentrum»/school at your disposal.



Warm up


See plan