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09.06.2018 - RR in Schenkon

Please find below the information for the tomorrows race in Schenkon.


Competition schedule: The first start is at 1.00 PM.


Address: Schulhaus Schenkon, Schulhausstrasse 3, 6214 Schenkon

Google Maps:


Accreditation: The accreditation will take place in the lobby of the school in Schenkon between 9.00 – 12.00 AM. No accreditation possible after 12.00 AM!


Flower ceremony: A flower ceremony will take place shortly after the finishing line. There will be no official presentation ceremony after the race. The prize money must be collected personally (by showing valid identity card) on Sunday, 10 June 2018 between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm at the accreditation desk.


Results: All results you will find here:

Results TT Frauenfeld

Results RR Schenkon



05.06.2018 - Start lists TT Frauenfeld and RR Schenkon

Here you find the start lists for the Para-cycling races:

Time Trial Frauenfeld / Road Race Schenkon



03.06.2018 - Results Swiss Nationals

Here you find all results of Swiss Nationals in Nottwil:

Results Track 2nd June / Results Track 3rd June

Results SN Field & Jump 2nd June / Results SN Field & Jump 3rd June




31.05.2018 - Start list for Swiss Nationals

Here you find the start lists for the Swiss Nationals:

Start list Track / Start list Field & Jump



31.05.2018 - Results of Daniela Jutzeler Memorial (DJM)

Here you find the daily results of the Daniela Jutzeler Memorial in Nottwil:

Results DJM Track / Results DJM Field + Jump



30.05.2018 - Teamcaptains Meeting

The Teamcaptains Meeting for the Daniela Jutzeler Memorial will take place tomorrow at 8.00 AM in the Sport Arean Nottwil (stadion), at the finish area. The Teamcaptains Meeting for the Swiss Nationals will take place on Saturday, 2nd June at 9.00 AM at the same place.



30.05.2018 - Start list for Daniela Jutzeler Memorial is online

Here you will find the start list for the Daniela Jutzeler Memorial in Nottwil:

Start list Track 31st May / Start list Field & Jump 31st May



27.05.2018 - All Grand Prix Results

Here you will find all results of the Grand Prix in Nottwil: Results ParAthletics Grand Prix



26.05.2018 - Departure transportation lists

Here you will find all the transportation lists for your departure: Transportation lists airport transfers